You always wanted to start piano Boogie-woogie?

To ask Ben Toury his piano tricks?

Online lessons are definitely for you!


1 Online lesson is 55€

10 Online lessons package are 450€ (-18%)


(Piano lessons are 1H - Paypal payment)


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Join us to our monthly piano Masterclass!


All levels of pianist are welcome!
First masterclass is free for new members! Try and continue if you want.

1 time a month a friendly student group is learning Boogie-woogie on piano :)
During this
1h live youtube session, Ben Toury is showing:

✅  Piano technic

✅  Boogie elements (Riffs, basslines...)
✅  Blues improvisation

These Masterclass are recorded, so you can re-watch it when you want later.
Each Masterclass are 15$.

List of previous Masterclass availables:

01 Boogie riffs (1st part)
02 Boogie riffs (2nd part)
03 Boogie Bassline
04 Intro Boogie-woogie
05 Ending Boogie-Woogie
06 Walking bass Boogie-woogie
07 Blues structure
08 Boogie-woogie tricks 1
09 Liberace Bass
10 How to build a Boogie solo?
11 How to play Boogie-woogie in G?

12 Champion Jack Dupree
13 Using trills to play real Boogie
14 How to play fluid maner Boogie-woogie?
15 Boogie-woogie tricks 2
16 Real dirty Boogie-woogie
17 How to play in new tonality?
18 Twenty rules to improvise Boogie
19 Boogie-woogie personnal tricks

20 Boogie-woogie tricks 3

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