BEN TOURY new live album!

- Ben Toury Machine (7tet)

- Featuring Mary-Jane hit + 14 compositions
- Recorded live during the last 2 years


 Warning: STRONG ENERGIZER! Usefull against bad mood and depression

Style: Heavy Rhythm and Blues

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Rhythm & Blues band led by Ben Toury: Singer, pianist, harmonica player.


Composer and performer on stage since the age of 11, he already has a 25-years career and

2000 concerts to his credit. A very energetic and efficient show man, his fingers crush the

piano with incredible high-speed and impressive strength.


His crooner's voice (H. Connick) and virtuoso playing (Jerry-Lee Lewis)

have taken concert venues by storm.


Ben Toury's shows reach out to a wide and varied audience and are

always met with great enthusiam..!