Rhythm & Blues band led by Ben Toury: Singer, pianist, Harmonica player.


Composer and performer on stage since the age of 11, he has already 23 years career and 2000 concerts to his credit. Very energetic and efficient show man, his fingers crush the piano with incredible high-speed and impressive strength.


His crooner's voice (H. Connick) and virtuoso playing (Jerry-Lee Lewis) have taken concert venues by storm.


Ben Toury's shows reach out to a wide and varied audience and are always met with great enthusiam..!



JUIN 2019

07/06/19 Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie (85) Festival Saint Jazz Sur Vie (Quartet)


11/06/19 Sens (89) Festival Garçon La Note (Solo)

15/06/19 Marmagne (18) Festival Marmagne à l'Ouest (Trio)


22/06/19 Strasbourg (67) Soirée privée (Trio)


28/06/19 Montbard (21) Festival Jazz 'n Zazou (Septet)


29/06/19 Angers (49) Festival Jazz et Bulles (Quartet)



02/07/19 Niederbronn-les-Bains (67) Guinguette du Herrenberg (Trio)


03/07/19 Enghiens-les-Bains (95) Enghiens Jazz Festival (Quartet)


07/07/19 Moineville (57) Base de Loisir (Solo)


14/07/19 Pierre Percée (54) Théâtre en Plein'Air (Trio)


20/07/19 Ambrault (36) Blue Berry Festival (Quartet)


26/07/19 Neuville-de-Poitou (86) Festival Neuvil en Jazz (Septet)

AOUT 2019

15/08/19 Semur-en-Auxois (21) Estivals (Trio)


24/07/19 Saint-Quirin (57) Estivals (Trio)







Ben Toury is playing on Hohner harmonicas.





Ben Toury is using Yamahiko piano pickups.




Ben Toury likes to play on Feurich Pianos.